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Over the years, I have been asked many questions by people just like you...

Whilst I don't know all the answers - who does? - I certainly know some of the answers (or at least know where to look for them). So what follows is a brief question and answer session to the most popular questions I get asked, that I hope you find useful.

Answers to your questions...

Firstly, can I say up front I don't know everything.

Sometimes I look for answers from people like Ken Evoy, Cory Rudl, Jim Daniels, Michael Green, Paul Myers, Harvey Segal, Jim Edwards... and others. If you think I can't help you, then please do a search for these people - you might be surprised what you learn.

You'll find many successful marketers listed at GuruDAQ also. (And you could also do a lot worse than reading one of my articles: Internet Marketing: I Don't Know Everything, Neither Do You.)

Ideally, find a so-called 'Guru' whose opinions or products you respect, and stick with him - at least in the beginning!


Okay, so let's look at some specific questions I get asked:

My top tip? Well, stop thinking about making money from your website for a while (especially if you're an affiliate). And start thinking about making a good website. Make a good website. I mean a really good one. *Then* think about making money.

This philosophy is explained in my free 3 Tips ebook, which is based on Dr Ken Evoy's highly successful Site Build It! 'software'.

Recommended resources

And here are some resources I can recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Internet Marketing:

General questions

Now let's look at some more general questions. Questions like these:

  • "How would i start making money online?",
  • "What do i sell?",
  • "Are people really making money online?",
  • "Is it possible to make money without spending money online?"
  • "What resources do you recommend?" etc.

The truth is, if I knew all the answers (which I don't) I simply wouldn't be able to answer these questions on one single web page (no-one would).

The challenge for everyone - from beginner to expert alike - is to find out what you want to achieve online, and know where to get the knowledge and skills required.

There are many great resources that show you how to make money online (the free resources I mention in my PS are a good start). But if you REALLY want to succeed online you're going to have to invest in your online education - that means 'spend money' by the way. ;-)

Here are a few resources that you should seriously consider investing in:

o "Make A Living Online" by Jim Daniels.

Jim's been making a living online since 1996 and is an expert that knows his stuff, but doesn't try to rip people off. Visit his site and you'll learn a lot just from reading his 5 website pages (free guide). His product, "Make A Living Online", consists of a print book, 2 year companion site membership and more. A great place to start...


o Site Build It! (SBI) by SiteSell.com (owned by Dr Ken Evoy)

This is SiteSell's flagship product. An all-in-one system, SBI
lets *anyone* build, promote and profit online
(provided they have a passion and are willing to work hard to share it with others). Learn more here

The bottom line, you WILL need to develop your online education via free as well as paid-for resources. It's important, however, that you learn from people who know what they're talking about and know how to teach others.

The two resources I've highlighted are great places to start,
- http://www.AnyoneCanSellOnline.com/MALO.html or
- http://www.site-buildit.com .

Thanks again for asking your question, and I hope these answers help you.

Good luck in your quest for success online,
Steve M Nash

PS I don't have all the answers - no-one does. Persist, be imaginative in what you do, and always always always take action! :-)

PPS You might like to continue your online learning, by reading some more of my highly popular (and free) resources, below...

© 2002 - Steve Nash Ltd