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Thanks for being a subscriber to my Promote! Promote! Promote! newsletter. As mentioned in the newsletter, you'll find some great subscriber bonuses (see below) as well as links to all of my popular articles, and email courses. Enjoy.

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PS I've been publishing Promote! Promote! Promote! (and helping subscribers like you) since 2000. My newsletter has gone from twice-weekly, to monthly and sometimes I don't publish it for months on end.

The reason I continue to research and write useful tips, articles and email courses? Well, it's the great feedback I get every now and then, and the knowledge that I am helping people like you succeed online (even if only in a small way). For example:

"Just last month I was attending our local business club and somebody asked where did I get all my promotional ideas. They wanted my trade secret. So I gave it to them HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com [and]... Promote!Promote!Promote! Need I say more."
Jon from www.shepherdswalks.co.uk
( March, 2005)

So do help me in return by either:

Wise Buys Recommends:

In Make Your Content PREsell, Dr Ken Evoy states: "EVERYONE should learn how to write." And that's the purpose of his latest ebook. It's recommended reading for anyone who owns a website, or sends business emails, or communicates via words. Really. (Now free!)

Make Your Content PREsell
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"This book is dedicated to those who realize the power of words and who want to learn how to use them. Communicate. PREsell..."

Yes, it's highly recommended reading. I read it recently, and am now going to change the emphasis (words) and look-and-feel of all my sites...

Learn more about Make Your Content PREsell here!

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Read all of Steve M Nash's articles here...

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This is just a quick reminder to all Promote! Promote! Promote!
subscribers that these bonuses are still available to download:

Harvey Segal has done it again, picking the best tip from his 101 Supertips (see below) and creating:

  • Traffic generation with an amazing viral idea
  • An affiliate program which pays 100% commission
  • The absolute best way to PRE-SELL your product

"Not bad!" as we Brits would say ;-)

Download the ebook here!
Yes, it's free and yes you don't need an email address. Now that is "nice"!

Click to download the ultimate supertips
"thank you for these wonderful books". rozelle s
Harvey Segal has written a new ebook called 101 Supertips
Read about (and download) it here!
Click to read more about 101 supertips
The right way to promote using forums
Download here!
Click to download forum supertips
"thank you for these wonderful books". rozelle s
Definitive guide to Ad Trackers
Download here!
Click to download ad-tracking supertips
Guide to Clickbank for merchants/affiliates
Download here!
Click to download clickbank supertips

Note: download THEN READ. "There's loads of great actionable tips, here, and you can quote me on that!" - Steve M Nash. :-)

All of the above ebooks are written by Harvey Segal. Harvey's
ebooks are always quick-to-read, informative and full of great
content. (The only trouble is that they're only available for PC
users!) So I highly recommend that you download and read them.

And whilst you're at it, why not download my very own ebook
entitled: "3 Super-tactics I'd Tell *Anyone* - Yes, Even My Mum!
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(I know. A mouthful!) It's available, for free, by visiting

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