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If I Have Helped You,
Can You Help Me Now, Please?


My name is Steve M Nash and I run these Wise Buys websites (including TextMeFree.com, HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com & these webmaster resources). You're here because I'd like you to do me favour:


  1. You enjoyed visiting one of my sites, or

  2. You read some helpful information that I wrote in an email, or article

  Then can you do one of the following:

  1. Visit my fun problem-solving website, Ego Fatigo
    - Solve problems the scientific way
    Solve problems the spiritual way
    (i.e. the notion that only you can solve your problems)

  2. Link to one of my sites from your site
    (You'll need these details to do so: username: smnash, password: helped -
    Hey, I don't want just anyone linking to me! ;-))

Thank you and (as Apu would say) "come again!".

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