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Autoresponder Recommendations

Recommendation: I recommend Aweber.com, but I know GetResponse.com has improved a lot recently

Autoresponder Recommendations Explained

(Don't know what an autoresponder is - then see explanation below?)

The following autoresponder solutions are recognised as some of the best and most robust solutions currently available on the web. I know this because

  1. These products have been around for a long time and have improved over that time-period, and

  2. I have first-hand experience of using all of them.

(Yes, there are other autoresponders, but I'll stick to describing 3 of the very best autoresponders you'll find on the web.)

So, solutions include:

  1. Aweber.com (9/10)
    Cost: about $19 per month (unlimited autoresponders), but there are cheaper annual payment options. Costs increase as subscribers increase, too

    Review: Aweber is easy to set up (especially compared to Autoresponse Plus). This means that it is fairly straightforward sending both newsletters/ezines or setting up an autoresponder sequence (email course, or customer education program). It offers unrivalled customer support that not only provides day-to-day support, but also continues to use customer feedback to develop the email service according to the user-base. Aweber's blog also offers real-life practical tips.

    - http://responders.aweber.com/

    This video Aweber video explains the benefits of using email to connect with your customers. Basic, but still interesting...

    Send Your First Email Newsletter Today - AWeber Communications

  2. Getresponse.com (8/10)
    Cost: about $15 per month (unlimited autoresponders, up to 1000 subscribers), with cheaper annual payment options

    Review: Admittedly I used GetResponse.com when it was 'cheaper' and rather more nasty than it is today. I don't have experience of any version post 2007, but I do know that earlier versions of the software were robust and effective. The freebie option, with hosted ads, did put me off though, and I guess that's why I now use Aweber (this freebie option now discontinued, it seems).

  3. Autoresponse Plus (7/10)
    Cost: $397.00, one-off payment (unlimited autoresponders) - includes installation

    Review: There is no doubt that AutoresponsePlus can do everything that Aweber and Getresponse can do and much, much more. The only drawback in using AutoresponsePlus is that a) you have to install the software on your own servers (or the servers of your web host) and b) your email is sent from your own servers (some web hosts will not appreciate you sending bulk email, for example)

    I used AutoResponse Plus for several years before turning to the hosted solution of Aweber (this due to false claims of spam, and problems with my web host not moving the software from one server to another properly).

    ( Autoresponse installation requirements )


As I said, there are more autoresponders to choose from than these three above. If you still want to check other autoresponder solutions then here's a Google search for best autoresponders! ;-)


1) What is an autoresponder?

Well - VERY briefly - it's a way of following-up with your prospects, leads, subscribers - whatever you want to call them! - automatically. You can use autoresponders for email marketing, for sending out email courses or product information, or you can use them to answer your customer questions.

Autoresponders are an invaluable tool, basically, that allow you to provide value to your 'customer' whilst saving you time.

2) Can you send spam?

No. Of course it goes without saying, but all autoresponders mentioned above are against sending spam in any form. Aweber, for example, insist that you double opt-in subscribers and include a valid mail address in all your emails (part of the CAN-SPAM compliance laws of the U.S.)

3) What autoresponder do I use?

I use Aweber after I stopped using Autoresponse Plus due to issues with a web host. Aweber is hosted by Aweber so there should never be installation or others issues.

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