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About Wise Buys

Wise Buys is a collection of websites for webmasters and shoppers alike!

Hi, my name is Steve M Nash - a Yorkshireman wanderer, now returned to his roots! - and I am the proprietor of (the imaginatively named) Steve Nash Ltd.

That means I own Wise Buys, as well as popular shopping, texting, and webmaster resources:

I also publish the following:

So why Wise Buys?

Well, I dunno, really. I do run many websites and - perhaps like you - I rely heavily on the best websites and tools to help me build, promote and profit from my websites. (I make a full-time living online!) I also shop online on a regular basis

So this site is an attempt to link to these resources, and is aimed at both webmasters and wise-buyers.

What is Wise Buys About?

Wise Buys is simply a portal to my many websites that help both webmasters, and wise-buyers alike!

Basically, Wise Buys lists the many UK-shopping-related websites I've created. All of these sites let you buy wisely, and save money! (Find more sites here!).

And don't forget the buying guides I've created!

And then Wise Buys lists some of the tools and resources I use to build these sites.

Webmaster Tools

My favourite webmaster resources can be found here
(pop-up window). Enjoy!

Wise Buys Recommends:

In Make Your Content PREsell, Dr Ken Evoy states: "EVERYONE should learn how to write." And that's the purpose of his latest ebook. It's recommended reading for anyone who owns a website, or sends business emails, or communicates via words. Really. (Now free!)

Make Your Content PREsell
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(NB this book is modestly-priced, but not free! )

"This book is dedicated to those who realize the power of words and who want to learn how to use them. Communicate. PREsell..."

Yes, it's highly recommended reading. I read it recently, and am now going to change the emphasis (words) and look-and-feel of all my sites...

Learn more about Make Your Content PREsell here!

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